How Does It Work If Someone Dies During Legal Proceedings?

A victim of negligence has the right to file a personal injury claim to hold the responsible party liable for their injuries. The injured party may receive compensation for any monetary or personal losses they endured at the hands of the other party if their claim is successful.

However, it happens from time to time that the plaintiff or defendant (the party being sued) passes away while the case is still in progress. The current claim’s status might soon become confusing when this happens.

A claim can be made on behalf of a deceased accident victim in Indiana under particular statutes that permit survivors to do so. These unique situations, also referred to as “survival actions” and “wrongful death claims,” are subject to several limitations.

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A legal procedure is known as a “survival action” enables someone else to file or maintain an injury claim on behalf of a victim who has passed away. When someone brings a survival action, they essentially take the place of the person who has passed away, and any money they can collect goes to the individual’s estate.

Can I still file a claim if the at-fault person dies?

What happens, therefore, if the negligent party passes away before you have a chance to settle your personal injury claim against them? After all, the decedent is liable in law for the harm and any damages you experienced.

Fortunately, filing for compensation remains an option. You will be suing the decedent’s estate to recover the funds. Probate is required before money from an estate can be accessed.

Probate courts govern the distribution of assets and how creditors are compensated in the wake of an estate. Taking control of another’s estate makes you a creditor. Hence, you must wait until the estate’s probate process is complete before requesting funds.

Would I lose my case if I passed away before it was resolved?

What occurs if you die away before your personal injury case is resolved if you have a valid claim, such as an insurance claim stemming from a car accident? The ability to pursue your claim will often pass to your estate. 

In addition, the personal representative of your estate is responsible for filing and resolving the claim on your behalf. They will transfer any compensation to your estate. In other circumstances, a claim may be made by your heirs.

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