How to Earn Legendary Cards in SmutStone

Interested in earning Legendary Cards in SMUTSTONE? If so, you are in the right place. The game is packed with fun content! The game features many different characters and even has a dual mode! If you’re unsure where to begin, then keep reading to learn about the Hubpost characters and how to unlock their legendary cards. This article will help you earn these fantastic cards and unlock the Dual Mode!


In the SMUTSTONE game, you’ll fight an evil witch, upgrade your character cards, and earn rewards. The game is set in an incredibly sexy comic world, with beautiful girls trapped in a dungeon by an evil witch. You can find a list of all the cards you have in your inventory at the bottom tango of your game screen. You can also find the stats of all the cards you’ve encountered so far, at the wiki.

The gameplay is a mix of intense card battles and saucy cut-scenes. You can play this game for hours, gaining experience by strengthening your cards and unlocking more scenes. There’s even a mode where you can erotic scenes, which is highly entertaining – so you’re bound to get hooked right away. There’s no doubt about it, Smutstone is one of the best games out there.

Characters in the game

Smutstone is a card game that combines strategy and sexy comic scenes. Players collect cards and battle against ruthless opponents in the quest to upgrade their character cards. Ultimately, they aim to obtain the most legendary cards and become the most powerful. Once you have enough cards, you can play as any other character in the game. As you play, you will get increasingly powerful cards and unlock new campaign features.

If you’re new to Smutstone, we recommend starting with a basic guide. The wiki page offers a lot of information on the game’s rules and gameplay. You can even find a cheat sheet on the game’s wiki page. Just make sure you know what character you’re playing as. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed when you don’t get the cards you want.

Characters in the game’s dual mode

SmutStone is a card game that lets you battle various creatures and collect SmutStone Legendary Cards. The game requires you to construct a deck with various characters, each with their own abilities and values. However, the game lacks strategy because the cards are randomly drawn, and many of your decisions will be based on dice rolls. That being said, the game’s dual mode is the best way to earn Legendary Cards.

The game is similar to other hentai games, but is aimed at mature audiences. The artwork is beautiful and has a Western theme, much like Marvel comics. It also has plenty of raunchy cutscenes, which you will be able to unlock by playing the game. As you continue to strengthen your cards, you’ll discover new, lewd scenes. You can also participate in tournaments in order to earn more currency or in-game items. SmutStone is available on several platforms, including Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Where to see SmutStone Legendary Cards

There are several ways to discover where to find SmutStone’s Legendary Cards. This game is a Nutaku-themed card game where players collect cards and fight against ruthless opponents. Besides the legendary cards, players can also discover the game’s campaign, where they can news for web upgrade their character cards and gain tantalizing rewards. Listed below are some of the most popular ways to discover where to see these cards.


To learn more about SmutStone’s cards, you can visit its wiki page. The wiki page provides information about all playable cards. It also features a beginner’s guide. Starting strong will save you from headaches later on. It will also help you win more battles in the beginning. Listed below are a few ways to discover where to find SmutStone’s Legendary Cards.

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