What Does Car Servicing Mean?

You may have heard the term “car servicing“, but what does it really mean? First, it means having your car checked over by a mechanic. This service involves examining and checking the vehicle’s components for wear and leaks. If you notice any unusual or inconvenient behavior, the mechanic will check the vehicle’s systems and determine whether they need to be adjusted or replaced. A service technician will note the work in the vehicle’s service book.

Depending on the level of service you want, you can select from a basic, mid-range, or full service. The basic service will include a visual inspection, an oil and filter change, and an inspection of up to 35 different components. The brakes will be checked according to manufacturer guidelines. You can also opt for a full service, which includes fifteen or more checks. Each level of service will cost you more money, but you should expect the best service from a professional.

When your car is due for a service, the service required light on the dashboard will alert you to do so. This light will come on to remind you to change the oil and filter, and may also come on for other components. Just as with the check engine light, the service required light will be a helpful reminder for you to visit a mechanic. Keeping your car’s engine working properly is crucial to its performance, so be sure to take it to a mechanic when the service warning light is on.

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