What Factors Affect The Worth Of Your Car Accident Settlement?

Car accidents can have devastating consequences on the victims’ lives. Seeking fair compensation that recovers all their physical, emotional, and financial damages is a must to recover from the drastic impact on their lives. However, victims often end up with a dismissed or reduced claim because certain factors influence their settlement. 

Consulting a car accident lawyer Rio Rancho enables you to understand the various factors that affect your settlement. They minimize the chances of your compensation value getting affected negatively. Their expertise allows you to maximize your compensation and protect your future. 

Some factors that affect your settlement. 

  • The extent of your injuries. 

The severity of your injuries influences the value of your compensation. The compensation amount is higher for intense injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, permanent disabilities, paralysis, and loss of limbs since the impact on the victims’ lives is more significant. In case of minor injuries, extensive medical treatment is unnecessary, so the compensation is lower.

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  • Delays in the medical treatment.

Consulting a medical professional immediately after being in a car accident is a must. Insurance claim adjusters may claim that your injuries were not caused because of the accident to avoid paying you for your damages. You will also be unable to receive compensation for the aggravated injuries. Your compensation may also be at risk if you do not carefully follow your doctor’s instructions.

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  • The steps you take after the accident. 

Following the proper steps after an accident can ensure that you receive your rightful compensation. Take pictures and recordings of the accident scene and exchange information with the other party. Look for witnesses and note their contact information. Do not wait too long before taking legal action. Think carefully about the statements you make at the accident scene, and the wrong words can harm your case. 

  • Liability. 

The party responsible for the accident is held liable to pay for the victim’s damages. Negligent acts that usually result in accidents include drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding. The liable party must be determined after conducting an in-depth investigation and gathering strong evidence. In some cases where both parties are at fault, the law of comparative negligence may apply. If you were partially negligent in the accident, the value of your compensation reduces. 

Your lawyer in Rio Rancho is experienced and is aware of the legal procedure necessary to seek compensation. They understand your distress and work efficiently to help you attain peace and ensure that you receive fair compensation.

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